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Tidal Inlets

January 01, 1984


Before leaving barrier island shoreline depositional systems, a very important sedimentary environment, the tidal inlet, must be examined. The channel sands and tidal deltas associated with the inlet environment are geologically most important. Tidal inlets can migrate laterally along a shoreline reworking the previously deposited barrier island sediments, and deposit thick sequences of fining upward inlet-fill. Recent studies have shown that as much as 50% of the sediment associated with a modern barrier shoreline is deposited in the inlet environment (Moslow and Tye, 1984).

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AAPG Continuing Education Course Notes Series

Depositional Models of Shelf and Shoreline Sandstones

Thomas F. Moslow
Thomas F. Moslow
Louisiana Geological Survey Coastal Geology Program
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January 01, 1984




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