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This volume summarizes results of a U. S. Geological Survey multidisciplinary basin analysis research effort that encompasses all aspects of the geology of the Morrison Formation in the Grants uranium region, located in the San Juan basin of northwestern New Mexico. Tectonic, stratigraphic, sedimentologic, structural, petrographic, mineralogic, geochemical, and resource studies are drawn together to provide a geologic synthesis of the Jurassic Morrison Formation, the main uranium host rock in the region, and to provide background data for the formulation of genetic models for ore genesis. The result is a compendium of papers that incorporates many recent and significant advances in our understanding of factors that favored uranium mineralization in the Morrison, and several new genetic models that incorporate these recent advances. The basin analysis approach used here has proved fruitful in that ore genesis can now be viewed in the context of the evolution of a sedimentary basin rather than as an isolated event. This approach to ore genesis has application not only to uranium deposits but also to all sediment-hosted ore deposits.

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