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Micropaleontology and biostratigraphy play vital roles for deciphering the stratigraphic record produced by changes in relative sea level, interpreting the history of global sea-level change, and testing models for the causes of sea-level fluctuations due to the variable influences of tectonics, glacio-eustasy, and climate. The stratigraphic architecture developed in response to changing eustasy, accommodation space, and sediment supply along continental margins, in epicontinental seas, and on carbonate platforms can be interpreted using the tools of marine micropaleontology. Microfossils provide chronostrati-graphic control and a wealth of paleoenvironmental information about depositional environments as well as postdepositional changes to those environments. Although industry micropal-eontology has taken a backseat to seismic stratigraphy as a fundamental exploration and correlation tool, academic micro-paleontology has stepped up to fill the void and provide valuable ground-truth data for the characterization and timing of sea-level change.

At the national American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) meeting in 1999, held in San Antonio, Texas, the North American Micropaleontology Section (NAMS) of SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology) sponsored a full-day technical session entitled “Paleobiological, Geochemical, and Other Proxies of Sea-Level Change.” The purpose of the session was to highlight the application of micropaleontology to the study and interpretation of stratigraphic sequences deposited during changes in sea level. Many of the abstracts presented at that meeting have been developed into the research articles contained in this volume.

Eighteen articles spanning late Paleozoic to modern times, and representing siliciclastic, mixed siliciclastic–carbonate, and carbonate-dominated depositional systems are presented in this volume. The studies range

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