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A study of the mass physical properties of two 232-square-meter areas of the bottom sediments of the York River, Yorktown, Virginia, revealed that the sediments found in 9 meters of water were clayey silts and those at 4 meters were silty and clayey sands. Some representative ranges for mass properties of the clayey silts are: bulk (wet) density (1.41 to 1.23); moisture content (222 percent to 144 percent); porosity (85 percent to 79 percent). For the silty and clayey sands, the same properties are: bulk (wet) density (2.43 to 1.27); moisture content (97 percent to 49 percent); and porosity (71 percent to 56 percent).

Comparison of in situ and laboratory-derived shearing strength values revealed in situ to be consistently higher and with lesser variability. Disturbance of the sedimentary fabric due to coring is believed responsible.

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