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This volume is the fourth decadal compendium of research on the Belt Supergroup. It is an outgrowth of Belt Symposium IV, held in Salmon, Idaho, in July, 2003, in conjunction with the Tobacco Root Geological Society annual field conference. A full abstract and field–trip volume for that meeting is Lageson and Christner (2003). In keeping with previous Belt Symposia, the scope of the meeting and subsequent papers was broad and included Neoproterozoic strata of the western U.S. and Siberia.

In the preface to the first Belt Symposium Savage (1973) acknowledges A.C. Peale as "Founder" of Belt Geology and C.P. Ross as "Father" of Belt Geology. These men, and C.D. Walcott, who was first to sub–divide the Belt, were strong–willed field geologists who spent decades mapping this thick pile of thrust– faulted quartzite, siltite, and argillite.

Because of the geographic extent and great thickness of the Belt Supergroup, years of work have been required before one's conclusions are "bona fide", and only a few have been able to pay their dues. A core of these geologists composes the non–profit Belt Association, founded in 1984 by officers Jack Harrison, Greg McKelvey, Jon Thorson, and Jim Whipple, and board members Dick Berg, Ian Lange, Chet Wallace, and Don Winston. Subsequent board members John Balla, Earl Bennett, Lisa Hardy, Nancy Joseph, David Kidder, David Lidke, and Brian White kept the Belt Association active through the 1980s and 1990s. Present board members Larry Appelgate, Art Bookstrom, Jim Browne, Reed Lewis, Paul

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