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The Vienna basin is mainly a Miocene feature superimposed on allochthonous nappes of the Alpine-Carpathian thrust belt. It is a classic area of exploration for oil and gas. The most recent target of exploration is the autochthonous sub-Alpine complex underneath the basin and thrust sheets. The autochthonous basement consists of crystalline and Paleozoic rocks overlain by a Jurassic-Upper Cretaceous cover. The Alpine-Carpathian units of the Waschberg zone, Flysch zone, and upper and lower Austro-Alpine-Tatride zone strike from the Alps underneath the Vienna basin and into the Carpathians, and form a bend in the vicinity of the Vienna basin. A structural synopsis of the basin shows a distinct arrangement of elevated and subsided blocks. Shallow, marginal horsts are bordered by deep depressions. A series of horsts forms a slightly sigmoidal median ridge.

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