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Three seismic reflection profiles across three intra-Carpathian basins in Czechoslovakia, the Vienna basin, the Danube basin, and the Transcarpathian depression, suggest that each basin exhibits a different evolutional history. In the Vienna basin, seismic reflection lines 284 and 630 confirm that the Vienna basin is probably a pull-apart feature resulting from thin-skinned tectonics and extension within allochthonous thrust sheets of the Car-pathians. Two fault systems in the northern Vienna basin, the Schrattenberg fault system and the Steinberg fault, were probably the sites of Badenian, and possibly also younger, left-slip. The whole Carpathian thrust complex probably has the same thickness (about 10-12 km) beneath the central part of the Vienna basin as beneath other parts of the Carpathian flysch belt along strike with the Vienna basin.

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