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This volume presents the author's attempt at a stepwise reconstruction of the mid-Paleozoic to Recent evolution of the Arctic-North Atlantic and Western Tethys domain.

During the integration of the mass of geological and geophysical data available to the author, he has drawn widely on the experience of his colleagues, and their contributions are here fully acknowledged. The product of this compilation is, however, the author's sole responsibility, and he bears the blame for misinterpretations and the omission of important facts. Moreover, the author recognizes that, having dared to extend some of his interpretations to the limit, he may have arrived at some hypotheses that are difficult to defend on the basis of the available data. An effort has been made to make the reader aware of such potentially controversial points.

During the preparation of the maps and text making up this volume, the writer was well aware of the limitations placed on him by data availability for certain areas and by his capacity to integrate and synthesize the pertinent multilingual literature. Much could have been gained by involving a much broader international group of earth scientists in this project, perhaps at the expense of never getting it completed.

Nevertheless, the writer believes that this compilation, despite its shortcomings, was well worthwhile if it can be used as a frame upon which others can build.

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