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The Objective of this volume is to review in board outlines the Late Silurian to Recent evolution of the Arctic-North Atlantic and Western Tethys domains and their borderlands.

The Arctic-North Atlantic domain is here considered as including part of the oceanic Canada and Eurasian basins, the Norwegian-Greenland Sea, the North Atlantic, the Labrador Sea, and Baffin Bay. The Western Tethys realm embraces the Mediterranean Sea, its Alpine fold belts, and the adjacent cratonic areas. Thus, the area covered by this compilation includes much of northeastern North America and Greenland, all of Europe, and the northern parts of North Africa.

During the past few decades the understanding of the geological framework of the North American and European borderlands of the Arctic-North Atlantic and also of the Tethys domain has greatly advanced as a consequence of research carried out by academic institutions, national geological surveys, and government-sponsored oceanographic institutions. Much has been gained by international cooperation in research projects such as those sponsored by the International Geological Correlation Programme. At the same time, major contributions have been made by the petroleum industry as a result of its exploration activities both in onshore basins and on the continental shelves.

Intensified studies of the classical outcrop areas have led to the development of new stratigraphical and structural concepts, particularly with regard to the evolution of the Caledonian, Hercynian, and Alpine fold belts. This has been paralleled by major efforts in the hitherto little known Arctic frontier areas.

The ever-increasing number of radiometric age determinations

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