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Mississippi Canyon Block 194 Field was discovered in 1975 and die initial development completed during 1981. Production began in 1979 during Produce While Drill operations, but did not reach full capacity until 1982. Total production to date exceeds 150 MMBE. During the last few years, sufficient production data have been available to aid in geologic and reservoir interpretations; however, the most powerful tool to aid in understanding the field was acquired in 1987—the 3-D seismic survey.

A redevelopment program was begun in 1989 with a planned 13-well program which has expanded to a 20-well program developing nearly 33 MMBE and identifying an additional 25 MMBE to be developed at a later date when slots become available. The report will discuss how the total data package—production, reservoir, geology and geophysics—were used to identify and evaluate drilling opportunities. Included in the opportunities are wells for bypassed oil due to poor sweep and/or small faults, new fault blocks and deeper sands. Based on the work at Cognac, a good 3-D survey can help monitor production, detect faults of 50± feet of throw and reduce dry hole/marginal well risks.

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