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The St. Joseph field is a large, structurally and stratigraphically complex oil field situated offshore West-Sabah.

The field was discovered in 1975 and since then 8 appraisal wells were drilled.

This has led to the field's current active development with twenty-one production wells having been drilled from four jackets.

Production commenced in 1981 and to date about 18% of the fields ultimate recovery of 186 MMstb have been developed.

In 1985, 3D seismic was acquired.

Detailed interpretation of the 3D seismic data set, in-depth sedimentological studies followed by 3D fullfield reservoir simulation have resulted in an optimization plan of die total field development.

Two additional jackets and a pressure maintenance scheme are planned to be implemented to enhance oil recovery.

This paper illustrates how a dedicated multidisciplinary approach in the use of modem evaluation techniques resulted in a significant increase in oil reserves and an optimised plan to develop these reserves.

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