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For cost effective exploration of hydrocarbon reservoirs it is of critical importance to be able to accurately map lithostratigraphic variations in and around those reservoirs. Sufficient and detailed information on the lithology can be derived from well logs, but this information is, unfortunately, only valid in a small area around the wells.

Although the seismic method can provide the desired areal coverage, in case of thin layering, standard seismic interpretation does not provide sufficient detail. Besides well log and seismic data, the interpreter may have additional knowledge about, among other things, the depositional history of the area.

The purpose of the reservoir case is to combine the available seismic, well and geological information to obtain a detailed lithostratigraphic interpretation for use in further reservoir development.

It will be shown that this objective can be achieved by an interactive and easy-to-use tool for the evaluation of geological hypotheses.

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