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We began to build exploration teams about 12 years ago. Others are trying to do it now so Bob asked me to describe our procedure to you. He favors my approach because he considers it constructive damage to the status quo. All of you know how teams work technically. Maybe I can tell you something about the sociology. I tell it from the viewpoint of an explorationist—but it will work for us all.

Frankly much of what we do we don't know how to describe. You people blessed with a large family, how actually does it operate? Can you predict and control the response of every member of the family to every new situation which will arise during the week? You can't—and you don't—because you respect each other. Each member is a precious and unique human being. Well, bear with me and see how this analogy relates to life at Canadian Hunter.

The fundamental Concept (Figure 1) is that most worthwhile problems today are complex mixtures of engineering-geology-mathematics-geophysics with variable problem is solved.

I want to elaborate on the Subclauses.

Subclause A: We come together to find oil We do it by solving problems. If you want to iOin us in that demanding. challenging. stimulating quest-wekome aboard. But leave the political warfare behind you. Look, we all know each other here (Figure 3). We all work together. We all trust each other. We have all found oil fields together. You won’t get anywhere If you don’t hunker down and put

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