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Multi-disciplinary teams in the hydrocarbon exploration and development business often work in a super-charged atmosphere, finding exciting solutions to oil field problems. Managing a team involved in the integration of various disciplines to achieve a common goal can be a big challenge. Involve such a team in a Technical Cooperation with Chinese co-workers, and locate them in a small city in the People's Republic of China, an emerging Third World country that has a weak infrastructure outside the major cities, work-related cultural and language barriers, and a bureaucratic oil and gas industry that is a government agency, and the challenge becomes a daily obstacle course with its own special pitfalls. In this environment, maintaining synergism within the team, and between the team and the Chinese co-workers, is a unique and difficult task. The attainment of team goals thus becomes a very real reward!

A four-man team with practical experience in many specific geoscience and related fields was recruited to participate in a one year Technical Cooperation with Chinese geoscientists, engineers and computer professionals at the ZhuoZhou Interpretation Center, a division of the Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting. This Technical Cooperation included the transfer of “USA-style” oil and gas exploration and development techniques, training in the art of seismic interpretation workstation methods, and the interpretation of problem areas by the team. The main goal of the cooperative effort was to define and initiate a multi-disciplinary approach to exploration and development in the Lang Gu Depression, a mature producing province. This structurally and

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