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An integrated reservoir description of the Smackover Formation in Walker Creek Field in southern Arkansas was conducted in order to evaluate the field's hydrocarbon potential and to determine the best method of increasing recovery. Geologic, petrophysical and engineering studies comprise the multi-disciplinary reservoir description of Walker Creek Field. Evaluating the field's potential included optimizing current operations, proposing options that accounted for reservoir complexities, and planning future operations that would maximize the unit's economic value. The specific aspects of the reservoir description consist of:

  • Determining the depositional and diagenetic controls on reservoir lithologies and the resulting reservoir geometry;

  • Establishing the internal geometry of the reservoir for the purpose of 1) zonation of reservoir flow units, 2) discrimination of pay from non-pay intervals and 3) evaluation of the continuity of different pay zones and of barriers to flow;

  • Relating facies to reservoir properties, including 1) petrographic evaluation of pore types, 2) relating depositional and diagenetic textures to capillary pressure (Pc) trends and 3) recognizing log responses associated with reservoir layers;

  • Providing a depositional and diagenetic model of the occurrence and distribution of reservoir and non-reservoir units in Walker Creek Field, which may have applications to exploration efforts elsewhere in the Smackover Formation.

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