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A computer-based rock description system has been developed for on-site description, graphical display and data transfer of cuttings, sidewall cores and conventional core. This system is designed to assist the geologist in efficiently collecting, graphically displaying and building databases of the geological and petrophysical attributes of cores and other types of rock samples. This system is used at the rig or core storage facility to collect rock description for later graphical display and processing in the office.

The rock description software is written as a HyperCardTM stack. This stack contains a wide variety of geological and petrophysical descriptors for siliciclastic, carbonate rocks and some non- sedimentary rocks. The geologist describes the core or sample by selecting description parameters by mouse- or keystroke for a given interval of core or discrete sample. For core description, there are no restrictions placed on the thickness of an interval of description. The description of an entire core or set of samples is stored as a set of "cards," each card containing the geological and petrophysical attributes of a given interval of the core or single sample.

Data entered into the rock description stack can be output as a graphical display, ASCII text file, or spreadsheet-style file. The graphical display uses a series of compiled programs to display the rock description data as lithology, sedimentary structure, and textural and comments columns. Extraction of data from the stack to make text and spreadsheet-style files permits easy transfer of rock description data to other computers and software.

Use of this system has dramatically reduced the time and laboriousness associated with the collection of rock description data. More importantly, this system has reduced the time involved in preparation of graphical displays and data entry for computer applications.

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