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As significant new hydrocarbon reserves become increasingly difficult to find, it may be true that our greatest potential resource for future development lies in our existing reservoirs. In order to fully exploit these remaining resources, attention is now being directed to the reservoir as a domain worthy of serious study and planning. Reservoir characterization in the future will incorporate the contributions of many disciplines in an effort to build accurate reservoir models and to update these models as new data sets are acquired and interpreted. These models, in turn, serve as a basis for planning optimal field development and management strategies.

An important role in this effort will lie with imaging technologies which can sense beyond the borehole and into the interwell volume. Cross borehole seismic tomography is a technology which shows promise of providing useful information on the interwell volume at reservoir scale. Future applications may lie in EOR monitoring as well as in reservoir characterization and description. When properly used, it may represent an important adjunct to other technologies for reservoir management

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