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Petroleum exploration and development programs can benefit significantly through the integration of petrophysical analysis. Quantitative assessments of hydrocarbon volumes and anticipated production characteristics can improve the exploration and development decision process and reduce risk. Canadian Hunter's success at applying this philosophy reflects three key ingredients: people, technology and a work environment which fosters innovation.

Petrography is fundamental to all aspects of successful formation evaluation. Rock framework components and secondary constituents are characterized for their impact on log response. The descriptions of pore types and volumes guide the selection of critical parameters affecting fluid flow and electrical properties.

Log analysis techniques begin with a model which incorporates the petrographic data. Improvements in data resolution yield better quantitative models to describe the pore space available for hydrocarbon saturation. Permeability measurements calibrated to in- situ reservoir conditions provide the basis for productivity estimates.

Drill stem tests and production tests are used to calibrate the well log calculations of porosity, water saturation and producibility. Comparisons to known results provide a reference for the well or formation being considered.

Technology transfer is enhanced through specialists working on exploration problems through to the development phase and back into exploration. The pragmatic application of “state of the art” technology must be practised routinely for this approach to be successful. A receptive environment reaching through to the top levels of management is an underestimated requirement in achieving results through petrophysical integration.

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