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January 01, 1991


The West Siberian oil-gas province coincides with the West Siberian sedimentary basin. This basin, along with the Ural Mountains on the west, the Yenisey and Taymyr ranges on the east, and the Altay-Sayan and Kazakhstan shields on the south, form the north part of the Ural-Siberian or Ural-Mongolian cratonal mass. The basement of this cratonal mass is composed of Precambrian and Paleozoic fold systems, which are at the surface along the west, south, and east sides of the basin. The basin itself is a broad downwarp within this cratonal mass filled with post-Paleozoic sedimentary rocks (Surkov and Zhero, 1981). Its northern part can be regarded as a segment of the Arctic geodepression along with the Timan-Pechora and Barents Sea, Laptev Sea, East Siberian Sea, and the North America Alaskan North Slope, Mackenzie, and Sverdrup basins (Gramberg et al., 1984).

Structurally, the West Siberian basin is a platformal basin, the largest on the planet, having an area of about 3.5 million km2 (1.3 million mi2). Its closest analog is the Great Artesian basin of Australia (Khain, 1979). Within the West Siberian basin, a thick Mesozoic- Cenozoic section of platform sediments rests on basement that is largely folded and metamorphosed rocks. Several small terranes within this basement consist of unmetamorphosed middle and upper Paleozoic carbonate and clastic sediments and Triassic clastic sediments and volcanic rocks. These unmetamorphosed Paleozoic and Triassic rocks are called the intermediate complex. In the northeastern part of the region, the West Siberian sedimentary basin overlaps onto the western

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AAPG Studies in Geology

Geology and Hydrocarbon Habitat of the West Siberian Basin

James A. Peterson
James A. Peterson
U.S. Geological Survey Missoula, Montana, U.S.A.
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James W. Clarke
James W. Clarke
U.S. Geological Survey Reston, Virginia, U.S.A.
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American Association of Petroleum Geologists
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January 01, 1991




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