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The Lower Sego, Anchor Tongue of the Mancos Shale, and the Upper Sego are well exposed along the Book Cliffs in western Colorado and eastern Utah. For the most part these strata crop out on public lands and access is excellent due to the constantly maintained roads leading to the gas fields along the front of the cliffs. Nine sequences and their component systems tracts can be seen in these strata. Because of the high-quality exposure and access, the Lower and Upper Sego are excellent units to study the geometry and expression of sequence boundaries and the facies contained between these regionally extensive surfaces.

This paper discusses the sequence stratigraphy of the Lower and Upper Sego between Prairie Canyon on the Colorado-Utah border and Sulphur Canyon in eastern Utah. The discussion includes criteria for recognizing sequence boundaries in outcrop, the geometry of incised valleys and the nature of their fill, and the facies of the transgressive and highstand systems tracts within the sequence.

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