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In recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that proper geological reservoir description can lead to improved reservoir management and increased recovery efficiency of oil and gas reservoirs. Case studies illustrating successful applications of geological reservoir description have been appearing more frequently in technical journals and in technical convention programs. Development geology groups are appearing on more oil and gas company organization charts, and internal training programs include more development geology and reservoir description components. Traditional methods of reservoir description are being improved by more sophisticated geophysical, geostatistical, and computer technologies. Perhaps most significantly, geological advice is more widely solicited by reservoir engineers and management. With increased emphasis in the oil and gas industry upon prudent expenditures and maximization of hydrocarbon recovery from existing fields, it is anticipated that geological reservoir description will be a routine part of reservoir management well into the future.

Thus, a greater number of engineers, geophysicists, geostatisticians, geologists, and managers will be exposed to reservoir geological description principles and practice in coming years. Although many of these people will not need to be experts in the area of geological reservoir description, some basic knowledge will be necessary for them to communicate with reservoir geologists. With this in mind, the purpose of Part 6 is to provide a handy desktop reference on standard methods, concepts, terminology, and approaches to geological reservoir description. This part of the Manual is informally divided into three general themes: (1) specific concepts, fundamental principles, and techniques; (2) applications to the evaluation

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