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The purpose of Part 1, Land and Leasing, is to provide the user with the basic fundamentals of the land and leasing functions that are generically and legally essential to acquiring, maintaining, and disposing of oil and gas interests underlying publicly and privately owned lands in the United States.

To achieve this purpose, this part of the Manual will provide information relating to the following:

  • General facts and the functions and activities of the typical petroleum landman

  • Understanding land descriptions and maps

  • Determining owners of oil and gas interests and methods of conveyance

  • The nature and negotiation of an oil and gas lease (OGL)

  • The nature and negotiation of an oil and gas contract

  • Sources of additional information (see References Cited at the end of Part 1)

My special thanks and grateful appreciation go to William B. Beall and Paul F. Neilson, who kindly devoted their time, experience, and suggestions to review this part of the Manual; to Gail Evans, Chair Person, Business Management and Administrative Services Department, the University of Houston-Downtown, whose support and encouragement greatly aided my effort; to my many compatriot landmen from all over the United States; to the American Association of Petroleum Landmen; and finally, to my wife Cecilia, son Dan, and daughter Susan, all of whom furnished the supportive environment for this effort.

The United States and the individual states have followed a legal system based on Roman law, which allows private ownership of oil and gas interests.

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