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Section III Enhanced/Improved Oil Recovery (EOR/IOR) Characterization

January 01, 1999


The Nash Draw pool in Eddy County, New Mexico, is a field demonstration site in the Department of Energy Class III (Slope Basin Clastic Reservoirs) program. Production is from the basal Brushy Canyon zones of the Permian (Guadalupian) Delaware Mountain Group. The basic problem at the Nash Draw pool is the low recovery typically observed in similar Delaware fields. By comparing production performance for a control area using standard infill drilling techniques to a pilot area developed using advanced reservoir characterization methods, the goal of the project is to demonstrate that advanced technology can significantly improve oil recovery.

During the first two years of the project, six new producing wells were drilled for data acquisition wells. Vertical seismic profiles and a 3-D seismic survey were acquired to assist in interwell correlations and facies prediction.

Restricted surface access at the Nash Draw pool, caused by the proximity of underground potash mining and surface playa lakes, limits field develop-ment with conventional drilling. Combinations of vertical and horizontal wells combined with selective zone completions are being evaluated to improve production performance.

Based on the production response of similar Delaware fields, pressure maintenance is a likely requirement at the Nash Draw pool. A detailed reservoir model of the pilot area was developed, and enhanced recovery options, including waterflooding, lean gas, and carbon dioxide injection, were considered.

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Reservoir Characterization—Recent Advances

Richard A. Schatzinger
Richard A. Schatzinger
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January 01, 1999




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