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I have nearly lost track of how many places I’ve lived and how many jobs I have left behind while following my husband around the globe. Often, it has been exciting and has provided me with new opportunities.

When we moved from Houston to England, for example, I took a welcome break from work. Eventually when I was ready I found an even more enjoyable job than the one I had left in Texas. Yet before that, moving within the United States, I had to leave my job and establish myself in a new city, all with a three-month-old baby

Essentially, each move has been both a setback and an opportunity for me. When we moved again from England to Italy, I left behind the most enjoyable job of my career. I have not even been able to find another job (let alone one I enjoy). It has given me the chance to do some consulting, learn a new language, and explore a new environment and culture, but it is not as deeply satisfying as my challenging and interesting career.

A great difficulty for my career is piecing together a coherent resume and trying to explain all the moves and gaps. I have definitely missed the fast track, and it is probably too late for even a vaguely high-powered career. I have left behind unfinished accreditations, certificates, and qualifications on two continents. Yet looking beyond my frustrations and slight resentment toward my husband, I find that my experiences have been

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