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England is a relatively safe place. The locals constantly complain about how the country is “not like it used to be” but in comparison with the United States, the risk of dangerous crime is very small.

Still, your basic house break-in and theft are common. I remember returning from a holiday to find my window boarded up and shards of glass scattered on the carpet. A note was left for me to call my neighbor. It did not take long to figure it out.

Well, my neighbor had heard a suspicious noise and had gone to check it out. In the process, she must have scared the burglars away, and she noticed the break-in. She called the police, cleaned up the mess, and had the window boarded up.

A few days after my return, the police came to interview me and brought along the fingerprint specialist. I was touched but stunned that they would take a routine theft so seriously. It felt like living in a small town in America. They were all so pleasant and professional. Of course, I did not expect anything to come of it. I did, however, receive a phone call from them a little later, saying that they had recovered some of my belongings (nonvaluables) in a local bar.

Exactly one year later, I received a letter from the local police department saying that I would be pleased to know that they had apprehended the criminals who had broken into my house. Although they did

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