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Perez Companc is a regional Latin American integrated energy company with operations concentrated in oil and gas exploration, production and transportation, refining and petrochemicals, and power generation, transmission and distribution. At present, Perez Companc is one of the largest oil and gas producers in Argentina and has expanded rapidly in the last five years into Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, and Bolivia.

The company was founded in 1946 as a shipping company, which in 1960 began to service oil wells. Over time, maritime operations were gradually replaced by oil-related activities. Privatization of YPF, the Argentine state oil company, and deregulation of the oil and gas sector in the early nineties facilitated rapid growth of the E&P segment, which now forms the core of Perez Companc’s business. Over the last three years Perez Companc has invested around $1.4 billion in E&P, and mainly outside of Argentina.

Perez Companc’s strategy is to grow as an energy company, first in Latin America and then globally. The company believes that as a result of the recent growth and diversification in the energy industry, many new opportunities exist to provide energy solutions throughout Latin America, taking advantage of the abundant oil and gas reserves in the region and the growing energy needs.

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