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Detailed and extensive studies of Cretaceous (Aptian-Cenomanian) gastropods from 19 localities in Mexico (Baja California, Sonora, Jalisco, Colima, Michoacán, Querétaro, Puebla, Guerrero, and Oaxaca) yielded gastropod species that also have been reported from other regions in the world and, thus, support a paleobiogeographic relation with similar faunas in the United States (New Mexico and Texas), the Caribbean region (Cuba), South America (Peru, Brazil), the Mediterranean region (Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Rumania, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Somalia), and Japan. The widely distributed taxa imply that an ample marine faunistic province existed, which included parts of the southwestern United States, western and southeastern Mexico, and the Caribbean and Mediterranean regions.

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