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A core workshop entitled Tight-gas Fluvial Reservoirs: A Case History from the Lance Formation, Green River Basin, Wyoming, was held in conjunction with the 2001 AAPG Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado. As part of that short course, a book containing nine chapters, totaling almost 200 pages, was distributed to participants. In 2002, the editors proposed to AAPG and the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG) an opportunity to copublish a Studies in Geology volume with a larger group of papers that would have broad appeal to geoscientists and engineers working in tight-gas fluvial reservoirs.

Jonah field is the largest natural gas discovery in the onshore United States in the last 10–15 yr. Recoverable reserve estimates range from 8 to 15 tcf, depending on the method of analysis. By virtue of being a tight-gas reservoir, it is, in many respects, a nontraditional field. According to many of the recent U.S. and world resource assessments, most of the future gas resources will come from tight, low-permeability sandstones in the deeper portions of basins.

The intent of this volume is twofold: (1) to provide readers with previously unpublished or proprietary data on the field, and (2) to integrate all aspects surrounding the field including geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, drilling and completion, and regulatory affairs. As such, this volume is a definitive collection that provides a truly integrated perspective of this giant field. The list of topics addressed in this book is by no means complete; however, it does encompass the comprehensive field description

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