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Geochemical and petrologic analysis of three wells from the upper Member of the Wabamun Group in the Limestone gas field indicates a complex diagenetic history, including several episodes of dolomitization, silicification, and calcite cementation. Paleomagnetic analysis showed that several magnetization components are present in the reservoir rocks: (1) a high-temperature magnetization of probable Jurassic age (paleopole long. 81°E, lat. 78°N) carried by magnetite; (2) at least one dominant reversed-polarity characteristic remanence of Late Jurassic or Tertiary age (paleopoles long. 172°E, lat. 78°N; long. 139°E, lat. 79°N) carried by magnetite and pyrrhotite; and (3) a low-temperature and coercivity reversed-polarity magnetization (paleopole long. 235°E, lat. 77°N) that is either an uplift-induced magnetization or a late chemical remanent magnetization. The presence of several remagnetization events implies that the Laramide paleomagnetic history of the Cordillera is incompletely understood.

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