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“As a young Assistant Professor, I organized a field trip for a regional GSA meeting. The trip was to examine Precambrian iron ore deposits in Arizona, where I was teaching at the time. Tor was one of about 25 people on the trip. My students and I had been studying the iron ore deposits for some time, but I did not have the complete origin and depositional environment worked out. Nevertheless, I presented a preliminary opinion but forgot to mention that it was ‘preliminary’ Tor about took my head off for most of the day, pointing out various (and many) weaknesses to my hypothesis.

The lesson I learned from him that day was to be very careful when ‘arm waving’ and to have your ‘ducks in a row’ on field trips. I still forget this lesson sometimes while leading a trip, but not as often as I did during those earlier days. Several years later, Tor and I shared a laugh over that memory (he didn’t remember it but I sure did!) over beer and crawdads in a New Orleans airport lounge.”

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