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Flow Geology

January 01, 2009


The production geologist has the task to analyze and understand how the geological framework influences fluid flow within a reservoir. Flow geology is the term used for this in this publication. If the geologist intends to build a geological model on the computer, then it is important that the model should replicate the fluid-flow framework of the reservoir. Any reservoir simulation model built using such a geological model will have a better chance of matching and predicting the reservoir performance (see Section 4 of this publication). An understanding of the flow geology is the basis for locating the remaining hydrocarbons in a field.

The use of techniques for understanding the geological controls on fluid flow in an oil field predate the modern computer age of production geology. Many of the methods described here have been in use since at least the 1960s and they provide just as powerful a tool today as they have in the past. Nevertheless, the basic ideas are generally less well-known now than they have been previously. There are two possible reasons for this. Firstly, the modern computer applications used by production geologists do not provide integrated work flows for analyzing the flow geology. As such, younger geologists who use these programs extensively may not even be aware of this aspect of production geology. Secondly, there are a smaller number of technical papers dealing with the operational aspects of production geology by comparison to the more academic side of the subject. Several well-established practical methods are

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Mike Shepherd
Mike Shepherd
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January 01, 2009




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