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Melville—Northwest Territories, Canada Line No. 7 by Texaco Canada Resources Ltd.

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January 01, 1983


Line No. 7 was recorded as a part of a large reconnaissance seismic survey on Melville Island in the Canadian Arctic in April of 1973. The survey was designed to add subsurface definition of features defined from surface geology studies (see attached location plats).

Melville Island is situated mainly within the Arctic Fold Belt, a 483-km (300-mi) long structural province dominated by east to west trending folds. This fold belt is flanked by the Sverdrup basin to the north and the stable shelf bordering the Canadian Shield to the south.

During the early Paleozoic this was the site of the Franklinian Geosyncline with mio geosynclinal sediments being deposited throughout the area from Early Ordovician to Mid-Devonian time. Prior to the development of the miogeosyncline peneplanation occurred and, during the Cambrian, clastics and carbonates were likely deposited on a broad shelf.

In Early Ordovician time a broad stable shelf persisted with the shelf edge located along the present northern coast of Melville Island. Thick carbonate buildups along the shelf edge ponded the shelf to the south and east causing restricted conditions and the deposition of evaporites (Baumann Fiord and Bay Fiord formations). By Late Ordovician time, evaporite deposition had given away to extensive shallow shelf carbonates with some localized lagoonal evaporite deposition on the shelf interior. The shelf carbonates thicken northward and seaward to the shelf edge (Thumb Mountain Formation).

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AAPG Studies in Geology

Seismic Expression of Structural Styles: A Picture and Work Atlas. Volume 1–The Layered Earth, Volume 2–Tectonics Of Extensional Provinces, & Volume 3–Tectonics Of Compressional Provinces

A. W. Bally
A. W. Bally
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American Association of Petroleum Geologists
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January 01, 1983




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