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A wedge-shaped, oceanward-dipping complex underlies a distinct unconformity beneath which basalts were drilled during Leg 38 of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. Geophysical surveys demonstrated that the oceanward-dipping complex of reflectors forms an elongated wedge, 20 to 60 km (12.4 to 37.2 mi) wide, parallel to the Norwegian coast. Similar wedges of oceanward-dipping subacoustic basement reflectors have been observed off South Greenland and the Rockall Plateau, on the Southwest African margin and on the Abutment Plateau/Walvis Ridge, in the Argo abyssal plain off Northwest Australia, in areas of the Baltimore Canyon Trough and Georges Bank off the eastern United States, off Kathiawar Peninsula/India and on the continental margin of the Weddell Sea, Antarctica. Their characteristic and common features are:

1) an oceanward dipping, divergent reflection pattern;

2) a distinct unconformity at the upper boundary of the oceanward-dipping, divergent reflection pattern;

3) the dip of the individual reflectors increases slightly oceanward;

4) individual reflectors have a gentle upward convexity;

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