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Nickel sulfide ores associated with komatiites in Archean greenstone belts are the most important examples of mag- matic mineralization in volcanic rocks. They contain about 25 percent of the world total identified nickel resource in deposits with ≥0.8 percent Ni, as well as significant amounts of copper and platinum-group elements (PGE). Experimental studies suggest that komatiites erupted at very high temperatures, consequently, these deposits provide critical information concemmg sulfide segregation processes in high temperature volcanic systems.

The general geological characteristics of these deposits, compositions of sulfide ores, and resource information have been discussed in detail by Groves and Hudson (1981), Mar- ston et al (1981), Naldrett (1981), and Ross and Travis (1981). The emphasis here will be on the physical volcanology of the deposits and on some of the more contentious problems of sulfide genesis and ore localization.

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