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Although Besshi-type ore deposits have been generally metamorphosed, some of the weakly metamorphosed ore has relict textures which are common in Kuroko ores. Therefore, textures of Besshi-type ores should be significant in the interpretation of the diagenetic recrystallization features of Kuroko ores.

Graded bedding of pyrite observed in the Motoyasu mine is neither size grading nor density grading but is interpreted to reflect rhythmic changes in the degree of supersaturation due to intermittent discharge of hydrothermal solutions on the sea floor. Chalcopyrite or sphalerite fills interstices between pyrite cubes and also occurs as inclusions within the pyrite. This texture seems to be a recrystallization product. Rounded pyrite grains with relict colloform texture and interstitial chalcopyrite from the Kune mine recrystallized into pyrite cubes with inclusions and embayments of chalcopyrite.

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