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Present address: Osaka Branch, Chuo Kaihatsu K. K., 5-19, Nishihonmachi-2, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550, Japan.


The textures of ores collected from two localities in the Ezuri mine are described. Basing our study on observation of modes of occurrence, on cut and polished faces of hand specimens, and on microscopic examination of polished sections and polished thin sections, we interpret that yellow (chalcopyrite-pyrite) ore was lithified before the slumping of barite-rich black ore. In contrast, sphalerite-rich ore was partially consolidated prior to slumping. Recrystallization of sphalerite-rich ore is common, with sphalerite recrystallizing first, followed by chalcopyrite and other sulfides, and finally by chalcedonic quartz, quartz, and barite.

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