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As discussed in Chapter 2, Empirical Methods of Reservoir Quality Prediction, porosity and permeability reflect the cumulative result of physical and chemical processes acting on a given volume of rock. These processes are constrained by the fundamental physical-chemical variables of Pressure (P), Temperature (T), Time (t), and Composition (X, where composition includes not only rock chemical composition expressed as mineralogy, but also fluid composition and textural variables such as size, sorting, orientation, and packing). Porosity at any given time for a given unit of rock at depth results from the complex interaction of these variables through time. Fundamental to the development of predictive models is the measurement of these independent variables (or alternate variables which reflect the influence of these fundamental variables). This and the next three chapters will discuss the measurement of these independent variables, as well as some examples of interactive variables which combine the influence of two or more of these basic variables.

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