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Five Tres Pasos Formation outcrops, presented along depositional dip, are featured in this fieldguide. The outcrop belt is traced in orange on the satellite image at left. The Tres Pasos Formation is highlighted on the stratigraphic column at the lower left; it consists of continental margin-scale slope deposits that represent the filling phase of the Magallanes foreland basin. An architecturally variable suite of sandstone-rich channel and sheet elements are present within the formation. Mudstone-rich mass transport deposits are also extensive. The photos in the lower right contrast the relatively shalier northern Tres Pasos outcrops (e.g., Cerro Divisadero) with the more sandstone-rich southern outcrops (e.g., Picana-Figueroa).

One outcrop from the overlying Dorotea Formation is also included in this fieldguide. The conformable relationship from the shale-dominated upper Tres Pasos Formation to the shallow-marine and deltaic deposits of the Dorotea Formation is documented at Cerro Escondido.

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