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Outcrop accessibility: difficult Outcrop Coordinates: 51.0852°S, 72.6541°W Refer to outcrop 7 on location map

The Wildcat channel complex is up to 5–6 km wide and 330 m thick, making it the largest exposed on Sierra del Toro. Hubbard and Shultz (2008) suggest that this channel complex is stratigraphically equivalent to the upper two-thirds of the conglomeratic portion of the Cerro Toro Formation at Cerro Castillo, located due south of Sierra del Toro adjacent to the south shore of Lago del Toro. A portion of the eastern Wildcat channel margin was characterized by Hubbard et al. (2008b) (outcrop featured in Fig. 7.2E, referred to as “Sarmiento Vista” by Hubbard et al., 2008b).

The eastern margin of the Wildcat channel complex is well exposed on the northeast face of the mountain, displaying 200 m of conglomeratic channel fill thinning until its final pinchout (Figs. 7.1B and 7.2). This exposure allows for a direct correlation of beds along a ~3 km transect oblique to depositional strike (1.5 km when projected parallel to strike; Fig. 7.3). The slope of the margin averages approximately 7.5° over this distance, although it is partitioned into a steep ‘wall’ at its base, near the channel complex axis, and a shallower ramp nearer the final pinchout (Fig. 7.3). As a result, the eastern margin is characterized by a “steerhorn” cross-sectional profile. Paleoflow measurements taken at the margin of the channel complex

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