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Outcrop accessibility: N face - moderate; S face - extremely difficult Outcrop Coordinates: N face = 51.0781°S, 72.6999°W; S face = 51.1284°S, 72.6813°W Refer to outcrop 6 on location map

Deposits of the Cerro Toro Formation on Sierra del Toro represent the most proximal axial channel belt deposits preserved in the Magallanes Basin outcrop belt, based on regional paleogeographic interpretations (Scott, 1966; Hubbard, 2006; Hubbard et al., 2008b). Scott (1966) provided the first description of conglomeratic deposits on Sierra del Toro; Winn and Dott (1979) interpreted this location as part of an elongate submarine fan that filled the basin axis from north to south.

Cerro Toro Formation outcrops on Sierra del Toro include at least three conglomeratic units, each of which is interpreted to represent a submarine channel complex. These channel complexes were deposited within an axial channel belt (Fig. 6.1A and 6.1B). The units are hereby informally named, from oldest to youngest, the “Condor” (Barton et al., 2008), “Guanaco”, and “Wildcat” channel complexes.

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