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Three different outcrops, presented along depositional dip, are featured in this fieldguide from the Punta Barrosa Formation. The outcrops are relatively close to each other and their location is highlighted by the yellow areas on map at left. The Punta Barrosa Formation represents the early filling phase of the Magallanes foreland basin, consisting of the early, relatively unconfined flows that reached the basin floor. An architecturally variable suite of sandstone-rich channel and sheet elements are present within the formation. Mudstone-rich intervals are also extensive. The photos below show the best preserved sheet-like deposits of the upper Punta Barrosa Formation that will be visited at Outcrop #1 (Marina’s Cliff) and Outcrop #3 (Park Headquarter’s Cliff). The conformable relationship from the sandstone-dominated upper Punta Barrosa Formation to the mudstone-dominated Cerro Toro Formation is transitional and exposed in the National Park. Various sheet elements are present within the shale-dominated formation but sandy channels have also been observed.

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