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Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts as Applied to the Eocene Carbonates of the Carolinas1

Gerald R. Baum
Gerald R. Baum
ARCO Exploration and Technology
2300 West Piano Parkway Piano, Texas 75075
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January 01, 1986


The development and refinement of seismic stratigraphic techniques over the past decade have added the dimension of large scale stratal geometries to stratigraphic correlations, and given renewed impetus to regional correlations based upon unconformity-bounded (allothemic) sequences (Vail, 1976; Vail et al., 1977; 1980; 1982; Vail and Todd, 1981, Todd and Mitchum, 1977). Seismic data compensate for the generally incomplete rock record in outcrop; however, because of seismic resolution limits, outcrop–based studies have provided a direct method to document the age and physical character of seismic sequence boundaries. The integration of outcrop and seismic observations has provided a framework to further subdivide unconformity-bounded sequences into component parts, as well as refine the coastal onlap chart (Fig. 1).

Within the confidence level of paleontological zonations, the synchronism of allothemic units has been demonstrated for the Eocene carbonates of the Carolinas and equivalent clastic sediments of Alabama (Baum et al., 1979; Baum et al., 1982; Powell and Baum, 1982; 1984), and supports the contention that they are caused by eustatic sea level changes (Vail, 1976; Vail et al., 1977; Vail and Hardenbol, 1979). Although structural histories have left an Imprint on facies development, sequence distribution, and geometry of the Eocene carbonates of the Carolinas (Baum, 1981; Baum et al., 1979; Powell, 1985), the overriding control of sequence boundaries appears to be eustatic sea level change. Likewise, sedimentation rates do not seem to affect the time distribution of sequences; however, carbonates tend to react more Immediately (“give up”) to rapid sea level changes.

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Southeastern United States: Third Annual Midyear Meeting, 1986, Raleigh, North Carolina

Daniel A. Textoris
Daniel A. Textoris
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January 01, 1986




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