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Preliminary biostratigraphic investigation of the Greenhorn Limestone at Pueblo, Colorado indicates that the Lincoln, Hartland, and lower Bridge Creek members are part of the Lithraphidites acutum calcareous nannofossil Zone. The middle and upper part of the Bridge Creek Member is assigned to the Quadrum gartneri Zone. Subdivision of these zones is difficult due to the scarcity of several biostratigraphically important taxa. Biohorizons based on secondary taxa do, however, offer promise for intrabasinal and intercontinental correlation.

Paleobiogeographic analysis using three time-slices across the basin suggests that fresh-water influx from the basin margins was an important factor in restricting nannofossil occurrence and diversity during the initial stages of the invasion of oceanic surface water masses into the basin (middle Cenomanian). By maximum transgression, however, the effects of fresh-water influx appear to be minimal in the eastern and central portions of the basin.

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