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The Rosignano Reef Complex ("Calcare di Rosignano") consists of two fringing coral reef units with small lagoons, the Acquabona (lower) and the Castelnuovo (upper), separated by restricted marine carbonates and conglomerates and associated unconformities. The Acquabona reef is exclusively made-up of Porites; whereas, the overlying Castelnuovo reef shows a higher diversity (3-5 coral species). Large stromatolitic domes associated with marine conglomerates also are present in Castellina. Red algal mounds are common in association with coral reefs but never reach significant geometries to be described separately. Basinal sections consist of basal lacustrine deposits overlain by restricted marine marls with three evaporinc units evolving into another unit of marine to brackish-freshwater facies post-dating the Castelnuovo reef. Litho- and biostratigraphic correlation provides a complete framework for the northernmost coral-reef complex of the Upper Miocene of the Mediterranean.

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