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(The entire Symposium was recorded 011 magnetic tape. Some of the papers have been revised slightly to include the most recent data available, blit the remainder of the meeting is presented here essentially as it occurred in the Corral Room of the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, Texas at 2:00 P.M. on Tuesday, March 24, 1953.)

E. C. Dapples: For many years the primary function of the Research Com-mittee of the Society of Economic Pale-ontologists and Minerologists has been to organize a symposium concerned with pertinent problems in sedimentary geology. Each year the symposium has had a somewhat different aspect. Sometimes the emphasis is paleontologic; on other occasions it is sedimentologic. This year the main theme centers on the characteristics of near shore deposition, particularly aimed toward recognition of ancient shorelines.

Most of the responsibility for organizing the annual symposium sponsored by the Research Committee falls upon the chairman. Our chairman this year is Dr. Henry W. Menard of the Navy Electronics Laboratory. Unfortunately Dr. Menard is unable to be present to preside over the meeting. During the final preparations for the meeting Dr. Menard was in the south Pacific and his colleague Dr. Edwin Hamilton very ably assumed the duties of chairman. The committee gratefully acknowledges the efforts of Dr. Hamilton.

Committee members select the topic for the symposium, aid in selection of the speakers, and often participate in the program. This year’s committee consists of H. W. Menard (chairman), J. F. Rominger, Grover E. Murray, F. W. Rolshausen

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