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We produced a high-resolution model for aquifer heterogeneity in the Terra Cotta Member of the central Kansas Dakota Formation. To improve upon the resolution of modeling techniques currently available, we developed an innovative approach to geometric modeling methods. We used architectural-element analysis to determine the parameters for a stochastic growth model. The growth of the model was accomplished using multiple Monte Carlo simulations, and the result is a detailed model of the architectural elements in the sedimentary basin. The model consists of five layers calibrated to the thickness of the elements determined from interpreted well logs. The horizontal resolution of this model is 50 ft (15.25 m), which is on the order of the horizontal size of the architectural elements. The total horizontal size of the model is 150,000 ft (45,750 m) from east to west by 100,000 ft (30,500 m) from north to south, which covers virtually all of Hodgeman County, Kansas.

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