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This volume grew out of a symposium held at the 27th Annual Meeting of the Clay Minerals Society in Columbia, Missouri, during October, 1990. The symposium was designed to present a current synthesis of research devoted to the origin, diagenesis, and petrophysics of clay minerals in sandstones. Appropriately, this meeting of the Clay Minerals Society was held in honor of Walter D. Keller in his 90th year. Keller's pioneering work in sedimentary petrology, geochemistry, and clay mineralogy, including the application of scanning electron microscopy (e.g., Borst and Keller, 1969), has contributed much to our understanding of the origin of clay minerals in diverse rock types, including sandstones.

This introductory paper presents a brief historical perspective of research that has molded our understanding of clay minerals in sandstones, and provides perspective for this collection of papers, which represents current trends in research activities.

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