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Francis Parker Shepard was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, on the 10th of May, 1897, to Thomas Hill and Edna (Parker) Shepard of the Shepard Shipping and Lumber Family. This was an auspicious year for geology because it was punctuated by the publication of Sir Archibald Geike's classic book on "the founders of geology" (Adams, 1954). Shepard was later to become one of the founders of marine geology for he would acquire the noble title of the Father of Marine Geology (Dietz and Emery, 1971).

Thomas Hill Shepard was of strong New England mariner's stock and provided well for his family, which included a daughter Katherine and son Francis. Both youngsters learned to love the sea from their parents, and spent many happy summer hours aboard personal pleasure yachts sailing the coastal waterways of the New England coast. The winters were devoted to classroom activities in both public and private schools.

After completion of his secondary-school education, F. P. Shepard entered Harvard University in 1916 with geology as a major. The next several years were filled with studies and summer field work in the Rocky Mountains with Professori. B. Woodworth. Professor Wallace A. Atwood (Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1903) directed his thesis work and Shepard graduated with a B.A. at the end of the summer in 1919. Professor Atwood joined Harvard University as Professor of Physiography in 1913, succeeding W. M. Davis. He went on to become President of Clark University in 1920. At the fiftieth Anniversary Celebration of the University

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