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The present volume is the sixth in a series which now embraces the world literature for the years 1928–1958. The extensive bibliography recently issued by Alfred S. Romer and his associates as well as the well-known North American catalogues compiled by Oliver P. Hay, provide world coverage up to the year 1928. Our seventh volume, in progress, will bring us to the end of 1963. The National Science Foundation and the Geological Society of America have supported the work most generously and our thanks go out to them.

Publications on vertebrate paleontology and Paleolithic anthropology appear at a rate of more than 1000 titles a year. This rate has slightly increased lately but has not materially changed during the past thirty years, except during the time of devastation in the great war. There has been an expansion of interest in cognate subjects—ecology, evolutionary theory, anatomy, stratigraphy, paleoclimatology, paleochronology, paleogeography and distribution, fossil art and the history of paleontology and of fossil man. Inclusion of titles in these areas usually depends upon whether they contain new or important information from the vertebrate fossil record. We are inclined more liberally to accept papers written by professional vertebrate paleontologists. Our selections may be slightly biased because of personal views. No rigid rules have been adopted. Nothing falling directly into our field has been purposely omitted, and if anything escapes it is simply because it has been inadvertently over-looked. That last one or two percent of completeness can scarcely . . .

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