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This publication on glaciofluvial and glacio-lacustrine sedimentation is the outgrowth of a symposium on “Glacial Sedimentology” that was sponsored by the Eastern Section of S.E.P.M. and held at the joint meeting of the Northeastern Section of the Geological Society of America and the Eastern Section of S.E.P.M. at Buffalo, New York, March 10, 1972. Credit for suggesting a symposium on this topic must go to Frank W. Beales and Roger G. Walker, then respectively the President and Secretary of the Eastern Section of S.E.P.M. The symposium was chaired jointly by Alan V. Jopling and Barrie C. McDonald.

The papers by Banerjee and McDonald, Saun-derson, Rust and Romanelli, Boothroyd and Ashley, Rust, and Gustavson, Ashley, and Boothroyd were presented in somewhat their present form at the symposium. The rest of the papers in the present collection were solicited from their respective authors.

In an age when scientific publications are proliferating at a seemingly explosive rate, the question could arise whether a special publication should be devoted to glaciofluvial and gla-ciolacustrine sedimentation. It is apparent that there are a number of valid reasons why this particular topic should be treated as a separate entity and so become the focal point of a special volume.

From a historical point of view, as noted in the review paper by Jopling (this vol.), the great interest generated in glacial phenomena during the nineteenth century had important implications and repercussions for the infant field of sedimentology. Without a doubt it provided its fair share of the

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